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Bank for Administrative purposes.

AIB Bank

7/12 Dame Street
Dublin 2

01 6793211

Contacts for previous donations verification.

1. Christchurch Square, Back Ln, Dublin 8


2. Irish Office, Chernobyl Children International, Ballycurreen Industrial Estate, Kinsale Road, Cork, Ireland.

3. The oisintrust will be donating by 2014, early 2015 to 32F Rosemount Park Drive, Rosemount Business Park, Ballycoolin Road, Dublin 11, Ireland.
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By post : 106 Church Lane
Cheshire , Albion
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Paypal is available for donations; to date we have raised €1000. Please see our acknowledgement tab above if you wish to contact the banks directly (bic & bac etc).Shortly a post office account and credit union will be made available.


The oisintrust will also raise funds by proposal. As we are liaising with other financial institutions, NGO’s and charities. We will seek to raise funds direct with a number of new ideas, proposing methods of alleviating poverty.

Our consultancy (disability, access, & children, international consultancy) will propose directly by report, to any party or institution we feel may be interested, and we are always open to new ideas and innovation, and people who can think outside the box.


Our third method of fund raising is by seeking to add new trustees to our charity, benefactors, philanthropists, patrons who have vision and a love of what they are hoping to achieve. Our page on the oisintrust (enter in the centre) has more information.

Lastly our co-operative (erinannach co-operative ltd) seeks to have a large worldwide membership, and by sharing skills in building, and finance (no-one in the co-operative has to make any financial contribution to it or the oisintrust) we hope to bring solutions to housing, poverty and hunger. Our main base and area for this aim is within Ireland, but will be extended internationally.


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